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This book is based on Genesis 3:9. God asked Adam, "Where Are You?" after he sinned in the Garden of Eden. God knew where Adam was physically. He wanted Adam to confess where he was in reference to God; in relationship to God. Everyone is on a spiritual journey and God asks us daily, "Where are you?" Our spiritual journey is paralleled to places in the Bible. Each place has a spiritual lesson for us. Chart where you are through the pages of this book. There is a lesson for you when you are on the mountaintop. There is value in the valley when you learn the lesson it tells. There is a lesson for you when you are in a pit, a cave, a sycamore tree, or simply talking to Jesus at the well.

This 120-page book is a must read for every Christian who wants to answer God's question: "Where are you?"

One last question: "Where Are You?"