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Spiritual Warfare

Even though Christians are saved, many have doors opened for Satan and his demons to come into their lives. Two main reasons Christians are in a battle:

  1. Unrepented sin
  2. Involvement in activities that are opened doors for Satan and his demons to enter

Learn the many activities that invite the enemy into your life. The writer gives a personal testimony of how she was involved in about 32 occultic activities without knowing the curse she was bringing into her life. Those activities are listed in this easy to read e-book. It is almost certain that some of your activities are on the forbidden list as well. Learn what they are so you, too, can "Close Those Doors."

Order your Spiritual Warfare e-book today and it will be in your mailbox as soon as payment is received. The price is a discount from what the e-book used to cost. Order it NOW before the original price returns. 


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