The Way of Life Virtual University


Let me publish your e-book. It is a quick and easy process.
You send me your manuscript. I will proofread it and design it into an e-book that can be read by viewers all over the world.

Everybody has something they can share with the public.
Teachers: For instance, if you are a teacher, you can require your students to purchase the download. If you are a pastor, you can suggest to your congregation to download it.
Students: If you have an essay or book report that you received a good grade on, let me turn it into an e-book where others can read and enjoy it as well.

Hobbyists: Perhaps you can write a paper about your hobby such as gardening, crafts, needlepoint, or anything you have a passion for. 

E-books are not long. They are recommended to be short so people can read them on their smartphones or iPads.

The prices are very reasonable for me to design a cover, proofread and edit your e-book. The is a very minimize set up cost to let me know you are serious while I go through the process. I don't want to start and you change your mind in mid-stream. 

How the process works
1. You send me your typed manuscript in Microsoft Word along with the setup fee through PayPal.
2. I will proofread and publish your e-book.
3. After it is finished, I will promote it on my social media sites and keep all records of the fund.
4. It will be both of our responsibilities to promote the e-book.
5. You as the writer will receive a percentage. I, as the designer and promoter, will receive a percentage. The percentage will be negotiated between each client.